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Istiklal Avenue (Grande Rue de Péra)

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A tradition dating back to centuries ago, Turkish Barber Mastership stands on strong columns routing to Ottoman Era. Anybody who wanted to be a barber had to pass a series of very tough practical exams, testing the candidates’ composure, anger and skill. It might sound like an old-school story, but luckily same mentality still exists in modern Turkey. , Professional ethics come before experience in the local barbershops in Turkey and there is no rush to gain experience. However, It is a strong belief that professional ethics are within the person himself. The sincerity of the relationship between the barber and their guests is highly important and based on trust, which unveils the main reason that the Turkish Barbers are preferred in many other countries. , Barber Shops in a Nutshell , Back in eighteen and nineteen hundreds, barbers were more like peddler. They would shave nearly anywhere; coffee houses, homes, even the streets. Their mission and craftsmanship were beyond shaving. A master barber would also perform things such as taking blood, small surgical interventions, cleaning wounds, extracting lice, cleaning hair, “circumcision”, and tooth extraction, but certainly in a modern world, they do not do such things! , Traditional Turkish Shaving and Grooming for Men , Barber must use a razor to shave and it is the barbers’ primary tool. Traditional Turkish Shaving is renown by barbers’ skilful use of their “cut-throat-razor”, which requires years of training and experience in order to reach that level of talent and that tradition has a meaning only when it is performed by an expert. But barbers do not only shave/cut hair and beards. , If you have any unwanted hair on your face, the barber can remove them using a thin string or other special methods. They will massage and soothe your facial skin and, if necessary, apply a mask to your face to soften and care for it. , Throughout your experience, you will be guided to take a walk on Istiklal Avenue and Galatasaray Square followed by an authentic experience at a Local Barber Shop. Your guide will introduce you to the epitome of the traditional shaving and let you get socialised with locals while sipping the Turkish Black Tea. , Istiklal Avenue (Grande Rue de Péra): The avenue, surrounded by late Ottoman era buildings, designed with the Neo-Classical, Neo-Gothic, Renaissance Revival, Beaux-Arts, Art Nouveau and First Turkish National Arc. ,

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    Istiklal Avenue (Grande Rue de Péra)

    Explore Istiklal Avenue and its historical architecture.

Children between the ages 2 and 10 receive a 50% discount.

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  • Facial Hair Shaving in a Turkish Grooming Style
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  • Cancellation for tours can be made 24 hours before for half-day morning and full-day excursions in Istanbul without paying the penalty. Otherwise, you will be charged the full tour price.

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