TOUR 6: Istanbul by Land & Sea

This is a combination of Tours 4 & 5; with a complimentary lunch at a typical Turkish restaurant.


The Bosphorus Bridge

Built in 1973, the bridge connects the European and the Asian sections of Istanbul. While travelling over 60 meters above the sea level, an immaculate sight of the city's both modern and ancient sites can be seen.

Çamlica Hill

The highest point in Istanbul, with a panoramic command over the city. Provided that Istanbul chooses to show its beauties and blesses the visitors with a clear day, one can see (and picture) forever.

Beylerbeyi Palace

One of the largest, mostlavishly furnished 19th century summer residences of the Ottoman sultans. The rooms are kept with their original furniture; and visitors feel like house guests of the Imperial family.

Baghdad Street

Once the grouping point for the merchants who were set to travel the ancient Silk Road, this popular street on the Asian side of Istanbul has elegant boutiques and shopping alternatives. This will be a perfect chance to see the urban lifestyle of modern Istanbul. AFTERNOON

A poet once described the Bosphorus as "God's beautiful calligraphy written by an ink made of sapphires".

This straıt, separating (and connecting) two continents that form the two faces of the city, takes its name from a mythological legend. Ever since those ancient times, it has marveled people with its beauty.

The cruise of the Bosphorus will start at Kabataş pier and while cruising along the Asian and European shores, you will be surprised to see the harmony of Ottoman and modern architecture; as well as having an opportunity to see the major highlights of the city's fairy tale-like skyline from the sea.

Along the cruise, you will pass by;

The Rumeli Fortress; Built by Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror.

Ortaköy; A very famous area for handicrafts and nightlife.

Bebek; It was a popular wealthy residential district under the Ottoman rule, and continues to be so today.

Beşiktaş; Commercial district of the new city.

Dolmabahçe; Magnificent 19th century palace, which had been the home of the Ottoman Sultans in the last century of the Empire.

Çıragan Palace; This magnificient marble palace, built by Sultan Abdulaziz, was designed and constructed by the Balyan family between 1863 and 1867. Today, it serves as luxury suites for the five star Kempinski hotel.

Kızkulesi (Maiden's Tower); An ancient lighthouse, which has inspired many legends.

Yalı / Wooden Houses of the Wealthy: Houses constructed immediately waterside in Istanbul and usually built with an architectural concept that takes into account the characteristics of the coastal location, mostly dating from 19th century.

Beylerbeyi Palace; One of the largest, most lavishly furnished 19th century summer residences of the Ottoman Sultans.

A short visit to the Spice Market is the surprise of the tour. In this oriental shopping area, where you experience the vibrant pulse of Istanbul at its best, rare spices, herbs, vegetables, fruits, live animals, flowers are sold. (Aphrodisiacs are available too!)


Per person: 80 €

Prices do not include 18 % V.A.T.


  • • Transportation by air conditioned vehicles.
  • • Fully escorted by an English speaking tour guide.
  • • Admission fees, Lunch.

    • Drinks and all personal expenses.


    Please note that the Spice Market is closed on Sundays and Beylerbeyi Palace is closed on Mondays and Thursdays; and that it is replaced by 18th century Hidiv Pavilion.


  • • Cancellation can be done a night before for half day morning and full day tours in Istanbul and 4 hours prior to afternoon tour avoid penalty, otherwise full tour rate will be charged.
  • • Children 11 and younger receive 50% discount.
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