TOUR 53: The Awesome Flight: Ballooning in Cappadocia

Your day of wonders will begin early, even before breakfast. You will be picked up from the hotel to watch the sun rise over this magnificent land, from a hot air balloon.

You will have a unique, fairy tale-like experience, dipping down to pick fresh from the tree tops, or soaring above the landscape, picking out landmarks never before noticed.

The preparation of the balloon takes about half an hour as the huge and colorful canopy unfolds. They give a fully comprehensive pre-flight briefing and then you climb aboard and float away into this extraordinary landscape.

Because of the perfect weather conditions and topography of the region, the pilots have the opportunity to test their skills with the most spectacular low flying.

They average an hour and a half from take-off to landing, using the winds in the different layers to their best advantage to 'steer' themselves to the most exciting places, sometimes actually disappearing deep into the canyons.

When they find an appropriate landing field they set gently down (8 out of 10 landings are onto the trailer!) and then celebrate in style with their special' Cloud 9 Cocktail' and cake before returning you back to start the next chapter of your day! (Generally back to hotel by 8:30 - 9:00).


Per person: 225 €

Prices do not include 18 & V.A.T.


  • • Transfers from hotel to the balloon port.
  • • Cocktail after the flight.

  • • Drinks and all personal expenses.
  • • Domestic flight tickets.

  • • Cancellation policy for tour out of Istanbul can be done up to 48 hours before the tour to avoid any penalties, otherwise full tour rate will be charged.
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